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Show your support of a Pro-Choice Minnesota. Find out how to become a member and other ways you can support NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota's work to educate, train and protect the reproductive lives of all.



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Election Fund Donations

Help Elect Pro-Choice Lawmakers:

Support Our Election Fund

The NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund directly supports pro-choice candidates for state and local office in Minnesota.
The only way to protect reproductive freedom in Minnesota in the long term is to elect more pro-choice policymakers! Your contribution to the NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund will help do just that.

Our Election Fund supports pro-choice candidates both through financial contributions to campaigns and independent election work. We research and interview candidates and educate voters on a candidate's position on choice before and after she or he becomes an elected representative. We endorse candidates and engage in direct voter contact to get out the pro-choice vote and help create a pro-choice majority in Saint Paul. Your donation to the NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund today will help us protect and elect pro-choice candidates in the upcoming election.

You may submit a contribution by credit card below, or print and mail the form below with a check to NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund, 2300 Myrtle Avenue, Suite 120, Saint Paul, MN 55114. All contributions to the NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund must be reported to the Minnesota State Board of Elections with the required information below, including employment information. Please contact Andrea at or 651-602-7655 with any questions about making an Election Fund contribution.

If you would prefer to donate to support NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota's main advocacy organization or our education & research arm, please visit here.
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