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  • Minnesota Wants Sex Education for Our Youth
  • Maintain Funding for Family Planning Grants
  • Defending attacks on reproductive freedom

Our opposition routinely works both in Minnesota and throughout the country to introduce and pass anti-choice legislation that makes accessing the care that women need more difficult and expensive. They employ an incremental approach to outlaw abortion, and while this past legislative session in Minnesota they did not try to directly ban any specific procedure in the state, they introduced several bills and amendments that were designed to both harass abortion providers and make essential healthcare services even more inaccessible and difficult for women to receive. Below are the recycled attacks we’ve seen in the past, are battling in the present, and fully anticipate seeing in the future.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota will continue to be vigilant and work tirelessly at the Capitol to fight each and every attempt to limit a woman’s ability to make health care decisions that are best for herself, her situation, and her family.


Legislation That Bans the Constitutional Right to Choose

In 1995, the Minnesota State Supreme Court found that the state constitution provides greater protection for a woman’s right to choose than the federal Constitution. This ruling determined that the state’s public health coverage for low-income women cannot selectively discriminate as to which pregnancy-related services it will cover. Therefore, if the state will pay for childbirth, it must also pay for abortion services. Since this decision, our opposition has offered several bills and amendments to repeal this constitutional right. NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota continues to defend legislative attempts to challenge this ruling which protects low-income women’s access to abortion.

Legislation that Limits Access to Abortion Services

There have been attempts to add ‘refusal’ clauses (sometimes called ‘conscience’ clauses) which permit a broad range of individuals to actively deny health care services to individuals. These services include, but are not limited to: dispensing birth control, abortion, sterilization, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, hormone treatment, or surrogacy procedures.

Legislation that Targets Abortion Providers

We’ve seen TRAP bills introduced in state legislatures across the union, which place onerous licensing regulations on abortion facilities. While anti-choice forces claim this legislation is needed for women’s safety, it is in fact just another attempt to burden abortion providers and their patients. These laws impose unnecessary and burdensome regulations on abortion providers – but not other medical professionals. In the attempt to shut down medical professionals providing safe, legal abortion services, these laws make abortion care more expensive and difficult to obtain leaving women’s lives and safety at risk.  While TRAP laws may seem innocuous or well-intentioned, they are politically motivated attempts to restrict women’s access to abortion.  TRAP bills and amendments have been introduced several times in Minnesota, and have failed each time. Attacks on our providers will not stop, and NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota will continue to fight each and every one. 


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