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Political Updates

2014 Legislative Session

The 2014 Legislative Session saw great victories – including a Budget Supplemental Omnibus that cleared with no harmful amendments that take away a woman’s access to reproductive health care, an HHS Policy Omnibus bill which expanded and secured family planning programming funding for more Minnesota women, the passage of a Minimum Wage increase and the ground-breaking Women’s Economic Security Act.

Even with these victories, we fought a number of attempts to further chip away at women’s access to reproductive health care.

Two additional anti-choice bills were introduced this session but were not heard in committee. The first bill sought to ban abortion procedures after 20 weeks, and used the exact language as Governor Dayton vetoed in 2011. The second bill would ban the use of telemedicine to administer medication abortion, another bill vetoed by Governor Dayton in 2012. While these bills did not move forward, the 20-week abortion ban was eventually repurposed as amendments to other bills later on during session. The other amendment offered during debate on the House floor sought to overturn Minnesota Supreme Court decision Doe v. Gomez, a 1995 decision that does not allow the state of Minnesota to discriminate against a woman’s right to choose based upon her ability to pay for her abortion.

During debate on the House floor of the Budget Supplemental bill, two amendments were successfully amended on to the bill – a ban on taxpayer funding for abortion and a 20- week ban. There was one amendment offered in the Senate version of the bill, also the funding ban, but it was defeated. The House amendments were successfully removed in conference committee, and a clean bill was passed into law.

All of these amendments are a part of our opposition’s "incremental approach” to outlaw abortion, and while they did not outright ban any procedure in the state, all amendments were designed to harass abortion providers, and make services more difficult and expensive for women.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota works tirelessly at the Capitol to prevent these amendments from making it into the final versions of the bills, and fights all attempts to limit a woman’s ability to make health care decisions that are best for herself, her situation, and her family.

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