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Political Updates

2013 Legislative Session

Due to the great work of NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota members and supporters, the 2012 elections brought many pro-choice victories, including the defeat of two freedom-limiting constitutional amendments in Minnesota. Despite the dramatic pro-choice victories on the federal level, however, the pro-choice gains in the Minnesota State Legislature leave reproductive rights on the defense. We now have a slim pro-choice majority in the Senate, and an anti-choice House. The Senate picked up nine of the 11 pro-choice seats lost in the devastating 2010 election, while the house picked up 11 of the 17 pro-choice seats lost in 2010.

The 2013 Legislative Session saw great victories – including the passage of a clean health insurance exchange bill without prohibiting insurance plans from including abortion coverage, an HHS omnibus bill with no harmful amendments that take away a woman’s access to reproductive health care, an eligibility expansion for Medical Assistance, a repeal of the MFIP Family Cap so that women are not unduly penalized for the size of their of their families and so that children born to low income mothers are not actively denied family support. Additionally, family planning programs were fully funded, allowing all Minnesota women the ability and autonomy to make decisions about when to start or expand their families. 

Even with these great victories, however, we did see several attacks that further chip away at women’s access to reproductive health care including:

  • Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) provisions that would place onerous licensing regulations on abortion facilities and doctors;
  • An unconstitutional  amendment that would stipulate state funds hall not be used for funding abortions;
  • Amendments banning abortion coverage in the MN Health Insurance Exchange
  • A Refusal Clause amendment (sometimes called a "conscience” clause) that would allow health care professionals to actively deny women access to reproductive health care

All of these amendments are a part of our opposition’s "incremental approach” to outlaw abortion, and while they did not outright ban any procedure in the state, all amendments were designed to harass abortion providers, and make services more difficult and expensive for women.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota worked tirelessly at the Capitol to prevent these amendments from making it onto the final versions of the Health Insurance Exchange, HHS omnibus and the Market Rules bills, and fought all other attempts to limit a woman’s ability to make health care decisions that are best for herself, her situation, and her family.

To learn more:

How did your legislators vote on these bills? Click here for NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota's 2013 Legislative Scorecard.

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2. Write down the names of your state representative & state senator.
3. Look up their records on reproductive health care policy.
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