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NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota's Grassroots Organizing Machine

Our field canvass knocks on doors all over the state- from farming communities to the heart of the Twin Cities- organizing, mobilizing and educating community members about all issues relating to reproductive health rights. Whether giving a donation, writing a letter or calling an elected official, each action brings us closer to an organized pro-choice majority in Minnesota. With a financial gift to the canvass at the door, you secure our ability to give Minnesotans strong state-wide pro-choice representation.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Here at NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, we value our canvass as one of the most effective strategies for grassroots organizing. We are the political leader of the pro-choice movement in Minnesota and it is our committed citizens that give us the power we need to be a force at the Capitol. It is our canvass that organizes this great state from top to bottom, helping to ensure we have the political clout we need to win and the resources needed to get there.

Our Field Canvass Team

Jess Markuson, Field Canvass Director
Jen Piller Quade, Field Manager
Murphy Guinane, Field Manager
Kat Ramage, Field Manager
Jennifer Thorvig, Field Trainer
Sofia Potter, Canvasser
Ryan Cooley, Canvasser
Chavah Davis, Canvasser
Rose Picklo, Canvasser

Our Phone Canvass Team

Adam Lutterman, Phone Canvass Director
Haley Van Cleve, Phone Manager
Susan Van Pelt, Phone Canvasser
Rahaf Ebbini, Phone Canvasser
John Scarr, Phone Canvasser

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