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Winning Endorsed Candidates

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NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota made the 2012 Voters Guide for you. Support NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota's work to educate, provide resources and protect the reproductive rights of all



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Winning Endorsed Candidates

Find out which candidates endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota won their races.


Winning Endorsed Senate incumbents:

Senator Tom Bakk - District 3

Senator David Tomassoni – District 6

Senator Roger Reinert – District 7

Senator Tony Lourey – District 11

Senator Kathy Sheran – District 19

Senator Chris Eaton – District 40

Senator Barbara Goodwin – District 41

Senator Charles Wiger – District 43

Senator Terri Bonoff- District 44

Senator Ann Rest – District 45

Senator Ron Latz– District 46

Senator Melisa Franzen – District 49

Senator James Metzen – District 52

Senator Katie Sieben – District 54

Senator Kari Dziedzic –District 60

Senator Scott Dibble – District 61

Senator Jeffrey Hayden – District 62

Senator Patricia Torres Ray - District 63

Senator Dick Cohen – District 64

Senator Sandy Pappas – District 65

Senator John Marty – District 66


Winning Endorsed House incumbents:

Representative Tom Anzelc – District 5B

Representative Carly Melin – District 6A

Representative Thomas Huntley – District 7A

Representative Andrew Falk – District 17A

Representative Terry Morrow – District 19A

Representative Kathy Brynaert – District 19B

Representative Kim Norton – District 25B

Representative Tina Liebling - District 26A

Representative Jeanne Peppe – District 27B

Representative Melissa Hortman – District 36B

Representative Michael Nelson – District 40A

Representative Debra Hilstrom – District 40B

Representative Carolyn Laine – District 41B

Representative Leon Lillie – District 43B

Representative John Benson – District 44B

Representative Lyndon Carlson - District 45A

Representative Ryan Winkler – District 46A

Representative Steve Simon - District 46B

Representative Linda Slocum – District 50A

Representative Rick Hansen – District 52A

Representative Joe Atkins – District 52B

Representative Joe Mullery – District 59A

Representative Diane Loeffler – District 60A

Representative Phyllis Kahn – District 60B

Representative Frank Hornstein - District 61A

Representative Paul Thissen - District 61B

Representative Karen Clark- District 62A

Representative Susan Allen - District 62B

Representative Jim Davnie - District 63A

Representative Jean Wagenius - District 63B

Representative Erin Murphy – District 64A

Representative Michael Paymar – District 64B

Representative Rena Moran – District 65A

Representative Carlos Mariani – District 65B

Representative Alice Hausman - District 66A

Representative John Lesch – District 66B

Representative Tim Mahoney – District 67A

Representative Sheldon Johnson - District 67B


Winning Endorsed Senate challengers:

Kevin Dahle – District 20

Bev Scalze – District 42

Melissa Halverson Wiklund – District 50

Jim Carlson – District 51

Bobby Jo Champion – District 59


Winning Endorsed House challengers:

David Bly - District 20B

Connie Bernardy – District 41A

Peter Fischer – District 43A

Mike Freiberg – District 45B

Yvonne Selcer – District 48A

Ron Erhardt – District 49A

Paul Rosenthal - District 49B

Sandra Masin – District 51A

Laurie Halverson – District 51B

Joann Ward – District 53A

Will Morgan – District 56B


Contact: Linnea House, 651.602.7655;

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